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Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd.

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Zhengzhou Fangming High-Temp. Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd.,Pioneer and standard unit for zirconia ceramics in flow controlling refractory in China


1.Setup in Sep. 2015,
2. Attended 12th China Int'l Refractories Exhibition
3.Gain 1125 Talent Gather creative Leader Team
4.Gain ISO9001:2015, etc


Ultra-high-temp rare earth oxide composite ceramics products, we will provide the all-round integrated solutions for ultra-high-temp.temperature, high

our team

Fangming NewM take the world advanced management for the every department in the company. Namely the General Manager is responsible to the whole works

Fangming NewM Factory

Fangming NewM Factory New Factory is finished in Sep. , 2019.

Products Collection

Products Collection for the high performance of zirconia special ceramics

Metallurgy Exhibition in Beijing

Every year we will attend the China Int'l Metallurgy Industry Exhibition hold in Beijing and shanghai.

Products Mould workshop

Every year, we will spend more than RMB500,000 cost to open the various shapes and sizes of the moulds of super high and high temperature zirconia special ceramics for the world's clients

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Zhengzhou Fangming High Temperature Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd.

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china latest news about Zhengzhou FangMing High Temperature New Material Co., Ltd. - Rare-Earth Oxide SS Ceramic Thermal Field Applied in Sapphire Crystal Grower - The only professional Manufacturer with independent property rights of invention patents.
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Sapphire is commonly called corundum, and the main component is Al2O3. It has the good optical, thermal, dielectric and mechanical, etc. properties. It is a multifunctional crystal material with excellent comprehensive properties. Sapphire has the obvious characteristics of high hardness, wear ...